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ICAD actuator, for ICM and ICMTS valves

ICAD actuator, for ICM and ICMTS valves
หมวดหมู่ Pressure and Temperature Regulators
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The ICAD actuators are dedicated for use with the motorized valve type ICM. There are two different sizes of ICAD actuators that cover the complete range of motor valves from ICM 20 to ICM 65. The ICAD actuators are operated with either dedicated Danfoss electronic controllers or with standard PLC's. A range of interface signals can be selected to cover many different applications.

·Specifically designed for industrial refrigeration installations
·Advanced and high speed Digital Stepper Motor Technology
·Seven segment LCD display and three programming keys included.
·Valve opening degree can be observed continuously.
·Can easily be configured to different applications on-site. (change speed, ON/OFF, modulating valve).
·Open – Close time: 3-13 seconds depending on valve size.
·Modulating or ON/OFF operation.
·Multiple speed selection during operation.
·Logging of old alarms.
·Password protection.
·Control input signal : 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA, 0-10 V, 2-10 V.
·Position feed back : 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA (ICM).
·3 Digital ON/OFF feedback.
·Resolution: 20 micron/step (0.02 mm stroke pr. step).
·Total steps: 250 – 1000 depending on size.
·Auto Calibration, Neutral zone.
·Fail Safe supply options: In the event of a power failure, multiple fail safe options are possible.
·In the event of a power failure, ICM can be selected to:
- Close ICM.
- Open ICM.
- Stay in the same position, as when power failure occurs.
- Go to a specific ICM valve opening degree.
Please note: a fail safe supply (battery or UPS) is required.
·Hermetic magnetic motor - spindle heater not required.
·Enclosure: IP65 ~ NEMA 4.
·Approvals: CE (EMC).

Housing: Aluminium.Top part of ICAD: PBT thermo plastic.Ambient temperature range: –30°C/+50°C (–22°F/122°F).Enclosure: IP 65 (~NEMA 4).Cable connecti...
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